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So today's plan was to record an interview with a Very Important Person for the Pod Delusion. This had been set up some weeks in advance, and the VIP had kindly set aside some time for me, and all was cool. As the allotted time approached I was contacted by an underling: they were having some problems with Skype, could I bear with them while the IT person sorted it out? Obviously, I said of course, and hung around watching lips move but no sound appearing on an increasingly frustrated underling's face as Skype steadfastly refused to work at their end. Apparently they could hear me fine, but up here? Nothing.

My time slot ran out, but the VIP very graciously offered to try again later. Later came around and again, Skype wouldn't work. I suggested that given my mobile phone has recording software, we try doing it that way instead. So the VIP rang me up, and I set the recording software going and all was going swimmingly.

About two minutes into the interview, my mother tried to ring on my mobile phone. I ignored the incoming call and thought nothing of it. After around 20 minutes of conversation, which I thought had gone reasonably well and would probably edit down to ten minutes of solid interview, I thanked the VIP and hung up and checked the recording software. And thought
Hang on, why have I only got two minutes of recording...
So, apparently, if you're recording a phone call and someone else rings, EVEN IF YOU DON'T ANSWER, the recording software will stop. Who knew? Not me, and clearly not my mother.

This means that I have a totally useless recording of a couple of minutes of how are you? and other such pleasantries AND I have wasted the time of a really nice and really busy person with nothing to show for it. I think I am justified in saying AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!

On the plus side, having rung my mother back to find out what she wanted, hoping that at least it would be something important, at least she now knows that I am working this evening...
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