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There's a letter in there from one "Concerned Voter" complaining that candidates spend more time writing to the local paper than they do knocking on doors talking to actual voters. I haven't actually written to the Echo since I stopped being press and communications officer for the local party, although obviously I read it, so I just emailed to say the following:
I write in response to "concerned voter" of Rastrick. Obviously, I can't speak for other candidates, but the reason I no longer do door-to-door canvassing is that the last time I did it, someone set their dog on me. My garden gate vaulting skills are pretty good so I was uninjured (just); although I am happy to engage in the cut and thrust of debate, I draw the line at risking my personal safety.

Concerned Voter will be glad to know that I have, however, been spending between twenty and thirty hours a week in telephone canvassing on behalf of my party in the run-up to the local elections, and although I may not get around to her (or him) I am doing my best. Meanwhile, if any Brighouse resident wishes to share their concerns with me (whether or not I am elected to serve them on Thursday) I am quite happy to be contacted, and easy to find on the internet or behind the bar at the Old Ship Inn - although when I am at work the concerns of Brighouse residents must necessarily take second place behind the serving of beer.
...And now it's back to work work work, I'm afraid.

Date: Saturday, April 28th, 2012 12:12 pm (UTC)
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How frustrating to have to be take time out from endless work-related interactions with people to respond to criticism about not interacting with people.

Hope you get a break soon ::hugs::

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