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So, my comics dealer sent me the Night of the Owls Batverse crossover stuff this week. Mostly I decided to get them because I have really been enjoying the storyline in Nightwing, and this would give me an opportunity to dip my toe into the titles I had decided against getting. Mostly, reading them has confirmed that I was right in which books I had selected. Batwing remains full of well-intentioned benevolent racism, Catwoman's art is just embarrassingly awful - by turns sexist and jaw-droppingly anatomically inaccurate, Red Hood and the Outlaws is cringemaking in it's constant references to Roy and Starfire's sexual exploits, and All-Star Western is just baffling.

I really, REALLY didnb't like the Batman Annual. It took a lot of the ambiugity away from Mr Freeze and made him more of a straight mad deluded villain; I kind of liked him being noble-but-misguided, even if Nora WAS the original Woman Inna Fridge.

The comics I am really enjoying at the moment mostly weren't involved in Night of the Owls. Batwoman continues to be intricate with character and story and beautiful in art; Justice League Dark is by turns creepy and hilarious, stuffed with dark humour and beautiful interplay between Constantine and Zatanna; and Birds of Prey is stackloads of fun, and I am really loving what they are doing with Poison Ivy (or as Starling refers to her, Crazy Plant Lady).

Outside of the main DCnU I am loving New Deadwardians and IDW's Doctor Who comic, which has just finished Casablanca With Silurians (art by a very good Mike Mignola impressionist). And the first issue of WhoTrek has really whetted my appetite for more.

Any of you lot been reading any good American stuff?
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