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Skyfall was pretty bloody awesome, aside from the last 90 seconds or so. It's certainly Craig's first Proper Bond Film, and I'd say it's the best Bond film since Goldeneye. The only bit I didn't like in an otherwise very enjoyable film was

=====================SPOILER CURTAIN====================

the very end when Rafe Feeenes is revealed to be the new M. It felt like the film was saying "yes yes you've had your fun with your female M but now we're going back to normal where men are the bosses and women are the secretaries" (this is reinforced by Bond himself acting as the insidious voice of patriarchal society - "are you sure you want to be a field agent? It's not for everyone (i.e. girls)" - and gnawing away at Moneypenny's self esteem throughout the film). However, I have solved this by adding a thirty second coda to the end of the film in my head:

INT: M's office. Jenny Agutter (or possibly Gemma Jones. Or Kathy Burke. Or Sophie Okenedo. Or hell, even Jo Brand. We have any number of BLOODY TALENTED actresses over 40 who are not boring cis white men) enters, takes one look at Rafe, and queries: "What the hell do you think you're doing in MY chair, you little oik? And why is that field agent sitting at my secretary's desk?"

The secretary, for preference, would be played by Julian Clary in full Joan Collins Fan Club garb...

=====================SPOILERS OVER====================.

For a more incisive review, please see the fluffy elephant (you may recognise the content of the first comment).

The Pirates! In an Adventure With Scientists is one of those rare films that's better than the book. A thoroughly enjoyable romp, despite some dodgy gender politics, most of which I have forgiven because of the stonkingly good singalongable soundtrack (yes, I'm shallow).

Madagascar 3 was surprisingly enjoyable, but the soundtrack was nowhere near as good so the gender politics bothered me more ;)

Hotel Transylvania was pretty good, despite some REALLY dodgy gender politics AND the only gay character being a serial sexual assaulter (which the film was at pains to normalise - which kind of takes away from the positive of having a gay character in a kids' film. Paranorman did this a LOT better). Holly loved it so much that she wanted to be a vampire for Halloween, though (see yesterday's post).

Red Dwarf the new series has been pretty good. Not "OMG AWESOME!!!" but pretty good. I'd be pleased if they make another series.

Question Time I haven't actually watched this series at all, and my stress level are markedly lower. Still addicted to Any Questions on radio four, though.

Drabblecast is a podcast I would have unreservedly recommended right up until the most recent episode, which had some problematic content hitherto unknown to this listener, and I've been listening for a good 12 or 13 episodes now. The content is very varied but always interesting (even the problematic episode was interesting) and the host has a voice which doesn't grate on my ears, which is almost unknown in a ficion podcast.

Clarkesworld podcast is even better, IMHO. The host has a LOVELY voice, and gives insightful comment on the stories as well as reading them very well (aside from her pronunciation of some English placenames in the superlative "England Under The White Witch" episode).

University Challenge I have been pretty addicted to this series, but that's possibly because of the game James and I have taken to playing while watching it. It's possibly quite a cruel game. We try to spot the serial killer, and what their method of killing is. For example, the most recent episode had a poisoner, a Lecter-esque cannibal, and a very worrying alien wearing human skin...

Date: Thursday, November 1st, 2012 11:05 pm (UTC)
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Also, the entire Aberdeen team was actually a gestalt creature. The tentacles were hidden by the desk.

Date: Thursday, November 1st, 2012 11:11 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] magister
I shall merely observe that there is some knowledge that man is not supposed to possess.

Date: Wednesday, November 7th, 2012 01:26 pm (UTC)
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I watched "Skyfall" yesterday and also thought that it was certainly the best Bond-film I have seen at the cinema as well as one of the best films of the year, full stop. As to whether DC is the best Bond, ever, well, I might still write a separate post about that one day*.


The ending:

I did not have a major problem with the "We're gonna office party like it's 1962" coda, but then I saw it mainly as a fanservice thing similar to the appearance of the DB5. It does not necessarily make any sense but it's a nice nod to those people who prefer their Bond to be like Connery or Moore (and the "boys only"-game they like to play).
Yes, it would have been very cool to have a reveal of the M-position being taken by, say, Honor Blackman, just as I would have loved Sir Sean to have played Kincade but that might have come off as excessively gimmicky.
Also, the film focused so much on Dame Judy's M and the mother-like relationship she had with some of her agents that in effect replacing her with a new Mom/Ma'm would have taken away from the emotional impact of her death. Possibly....

Having said that, I feel pretty "meh" about Amon Goeth in this film and really would not care if they replaced him with somebody else. But then I also do not remember that M ever was such an important character in the days before Dench.
What I do have an issue with is Selena, Killer of Rage-Infected, now permanently inhabiting Voldemort's (or anybody else's) front office. Eve is too great a character for that, as funny as that fan-wank reveal might have been.

*Okay, yes, I think he might be at least on a level with Connery.

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