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Possibly there will be a proper blog post on this later, but for now I just want to express my frustration that my limbs are not of standard length (seat heights and arm lengths on jackets both big issues for me) and that I am hourglass so no motorcycle trousers ever fit me properly (either won't go over my bum or gape hugely at the waist).

The other minor frustration is that the bike I unexpectedly fell in love with was a KTM, and thus is orange. Orange is SO not my colour.

The kawasaki 1400 limited edition was stunningly beautiful, but way too big for practical use. And there were the usual collection of embarrassing Goldwings. And Carole Nash brought their lovely Vincent for me to drool over.

Was it everything I wanted? No, but it was worth taking a day off work for. And it meant I avoided all the Leveson fuss as well.
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