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I'm not going to do a full-fledged review here, but I want to flag up a couple of things.

Firstly: I really liked it*. I really really liked it. I especially liked Madame Vastra and Jenny, who had some cracking dialogue**, and Strax, who was just bloody awesome as a nurse/butler/heavy with his violent yet caring nature. Loved Zombie!Richard E Grant. Rather liked the new console room, aside from the targets. LOVED the Proper Scifi Noises coming from the console. The bits I wasn't so keen on were some of the bits you notice if you look too closely, like the plot resolution, and the Doctor's treatment of Strax, but overall it was really good.

One bit that I really loved was the new title sequence. It's the unholy offspring of Six and Seven's title sequences, matured in a decent graphics engine. It is a LOT less like a Gaviscon advert. It's got a sense that you're moving through infinite space in three dimensions, rather than sliding down a tunnel that goes from one fixed point to another fixed point. And it's got the looming face, in a VERY Colin Baker colour scheme. The new mix of the theme tune played over the opening titles was lovely too, nice and bassy and dramatic.

Which just made the end titles with their old theme tune mix seem all the more flat and disappointing...

Anyway! The Coming Soon trailer! Looking forward to more Clara, whoever she tuns out to be. Looking forward to Borgface Doctor. Looking forward VERY MUCH to Gneil's episode.

In terms of a thig to sit down and enjoy at christmas, I'd give it an 8/10.

* aside from a twinge of oh-no-not-again as it was revealed in the next time trailer that new companion is going to be a person from contemperaneous UK AGAIN. I'd kind of already accepted cis/white/abled/pretty/female, but was hoping at least that Victorian would be something new... Oh well. I suppose I can be smug about my predictive abilities.
** "Good evening, I'm a lizard woman from the dawn of time, and this is my wife"
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