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Find me Elsewhere (updated 15th October 2017)

This is a list of other places I have accounts on the interwebs, in rough order of the amount of time I devote to them:


I am currently trialing Mastodon as a social network, to see how it goes. I expect it to fail, because inertia, but if you want to prove me wrong I am miss_s_b@mastodon.social

Other places where vestigial and/or barely updated accounts remain include AO3, Pinterest, Linked In, Posterous, Flickr, Last.fm, Flattr, YouTube, Formspring, Foursuare, Google Plus, Diaspora (I can't even remember what my account is on there), Lib Dem Act (same), and three Tumblr accounts: audio blog, Time Flies web comic, Magical Roxy's fortune telling.
I do not have a Facebook account any more. Anyone you see on Facebook pretending to be me is not me. I do have an account on Pinboard, but solely for the purpose of making "the blood is the life" linkspam posts on here, and I never look at other people's accounts on there. I also have various parody or utility Twitter accounts - although Lib Dem Friends of Gin is not me, to my chagrin.