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Solo Blog: Peter Black, a Lib Dem Welsh assembly member. Peter is a great Lib Dem news aggregator, with a slant towards Wales and away from the Westminster Bubble, which can only be a good thing IMHO.

Group Blog: Classic Who Facts, all of which are totally true and not made up at all.

Twitterer: @historyweird - hilarious historical facts/news stories.

Podcast: Clarkesworld - science fiction, fantasy and horror stories three times a month. The host has a voice that doesn't grate on my ears, and the diverse mix of authors they feature is fantastic, lots of women and PoC.

Pinterest Board: Doctor Who - Daleks by Kat Ann. I want a Christmas Tree Dalek so bad now.
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Hello! I'm Jennie (known to many as SB, due to my handle, or The Yorksher Gob because of my old blog's name). This blog is my public face; click here for a list of all the other places you can find me on t'interwebs.

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