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In the traditional top ten format (it may help if you hum Sign of the Swingin' Cymbal to yourself as you read):

  1. Lib Dem Leadership - the runners and riders. With added Star Trek metaphor! from the 27th of September. Predictably, many of the comments concentrate on the sci-fi rather than the Lib Demmery. But as (nearly) always on my blog, the comments are better than the post.

  2. I Hate It When Politicians Talk About "Hard-Working Families" (UPDATED) from August the 30th. A phrase which is coming out of Tory mouths much more than Lib Dem mouths these days, and I feel I can take some of the credit for that - me and the lovely Caron.

  3. Spotify Without Facebook an embarrassingly typo-ridden entry from the 10th of April. In which I ask people to add me to their Spotify f-lists the old-fashioned way.

  4. Questions for FCC and FPC candidates from the 9th of October. This is probably the thing I am proudest of doing all year. I can't take all the credit for it, by any means; a whole load of people on one of the Lib Dem email lists helped me with formulating questions, and obviously if nobody had answered it would have been a bit embarrassing. But I feel like I made a positive contribution to the internal democracy of the party, and I'm very glad of that.

  5. Chris Williamson MP: sadly misinformed, or a liar? from the 4th of June. In which I turn my ire on a Labour MP.

  6. Home Office Rape Campaign Goes Live from the 5th of March. In which I am full of praise for the awesome Lynne Featherstone.

  7. A Message For the Lib Dem Leadership: Stop trying to shut US up and do your jobs from the 2nd of April. The follow-up post to this comes in at #2.

  8. Oh Dear. Christian MPs demanding a reversal of the advertising ban on the healing power of prayer from the 26th of March. One of my periodic spats with Tim Farron, whom I really do genuinely get on with and respect on most things. But we tend to part company when it comes to religion... Go back to #9 if you want to see me being happy with Tim ;)

  9. I've Just Got Off The Phone After a Conference Call With the Office of the DPM from the 3rd of April. This one caused a bit of controversy. Apparently some people didn't expect that when a conference call was set up by bloggers, with a bunch of bloggers participating, that some of us might blog about it...

  10. Chris Chibnall: a Rant from the 27th August. My top post of 2012 is pretty intemperate but I still stand by it. I recommend [personal profile] magister's comment on the post too, detailing why this was not just a solitary occurrence, but part of a much larger pattern.
Mostly politics, a bit of tech, and some Doctor Who. Not really a massive surprise on the subject matter, then... I'm a bit sad that four of the top five are basically me being horrible. I know I *can* be horrible, but I don't like to think of myself as horrible. And by Cthulhu's tentacly beard I don't half swear a lot... Food for thought for New Year's Resolutions perhaps.

I am really, genuinely proud of #7 though.

I'd like to thank the 33,117 people who have visited my humble blog this year, especially because 61.23% of you were returning visitors. I hope I can continue to post things you want to read in the coming year.
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