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I've seen a bunch of people doing this on G+ and tumblr, so I'm going to join in. By the look of the graphic it's been around for a while, so I don't think I'm going to upset anyone by not sticking to the right days. I'm choosing to "start" it on the first of January, so I'll do both day one and day two below to catch up and then the rest of them on the right days.

Doctor Who Challenge

Day 1: Favourite Doctor

Six. It's a very clear memory for me, the "oh thank God for that" feeling when Peter Davison turned into Colin Baker. Looking back, I think I was probably a bit harsh on 5, but to my pre-teen self he just seemed so WEEDY. I LOVED Colin's big, brash loudness. In the hands of a lesser actor Six could easily have been everything that his detractors accuse him of and worse; but somehow Colin imbues a depth of emotion that makes even his most worrying moments interest. Watch his face, or, on audio, listen to the cadences in his voice.

I like flawed-but-lovable in a character - it's why I've fallen so hard for Jonny Lee Miller's Sherlock in Elementary - and Six has that in buckets.

Day 2: Favourite Companion

This is harder. Peri, Sarah-Jane, Martha, Charlie, Liz Shaw, Zoe-and-Jamie, Nyssa. It could have been - should have been - Ace. But I take the view of Ace that a lot of boys take of Adric - I felt like she was taking the piss out of me. It's interesting that Holly LOVES Ace... In the end, though, I think I shall have to plump for Evelyn, who is the perfect foil to Six.

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I fully recommend Nostalgia's ALL THE ANSWERS AT ONCE post, too.
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