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Oops. Appear to have missed doing this yesterday. Never mind! Have two day's worth at once!

(a list of the questions and links to all the answers can be found on this entry)

Favourite Master

I'm quite fond of the Pratt/Beevers zombiefied Master. I'd like to have seen more of Jacobi before he turned into Simm. Not fond of Simm or Roberts. I have a big soft spot for Gatiss. But really, it's got to be between Ainley and Delgado. And I love them both, so I'm not going to choose.

No, really. Ainley is my master, the one I grew up with. But Delgado is the originator. How can I choose?

Saddest Episode

Part six of The Green Death. I'm not Jo's biggest fan, but her exit is the best handled of any companion. Pertwee's little glance back at the party as he drives away in Bessie always has me teary. A tribute to the talent of the actors that even though I'm not fond of Jo, their performances can still have this effect on me.

Date: Thursday, January 10th, 2013 09:15 pm (UTC)
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Jacobi. Repeat ad infinitum, despite only getting 10 minutes of him.

Saddest episode - War Games part 10. It feels to me like the end of House at Pooh Corner, with the unspoken idea that we all have to grow up and that it's time for the children to stop playing and come in now. The most painful moment is the Doctor's quiet resignation as he says "They'll forget me, won't they?" His two closest friends are going to have great chunks of their memories removed - not only is their friendship coming to an end, but they'll never know that it happened. It's exactly the sort of thing that the Doctor ought to rage against, that he ought to fight against. But he doesn't. Because he knows he's lost. It's also exactly what the 10th Doctor does to Donna, which is another reason why he doesn't work for me.

And then it's followed by the 2nd Doctor being put to death. He's completely defeated.
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My favourite Master still has to be Roger Delgado. His plans for conquest were always crap, but he was so damned charming about it all. And he was a wonderful foil for Pertwee's Doctor. You could tell they loved each other really, they just couldn't find a healthy way to express it. The bit in The Sea Devils where he's trying to learn the language of the Clangers is probably my favourite Master moment so far.

Saddest episode? That's a tough one. I'm struggling to think of any classic episode that's made me really sad. Emotional content was never very high on the agenda for the old show. Everyone was too busy running up and down corridors, getting captured, escaping, getting captured again and reversing the polarity of the neutron flow. New Who tries to get a tear-jerking moment into almost every episode, it seems, but I think the one that gives me the biggest "something in my eye" is the bit where little Amelia Pond is sitting on her suitcase in the garden, full of hope, and we know the Doctor is going to be a bit later then she thinks. Heartbreaking. So, I'll go for The 11th Hour.

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