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This evening's post is somewhat delayed because I have been recording a podcast. No, not the long awaited episode of Baggage Man where we discuss the Horns of Nimon and solve the UNIT dating controversy. Sorry. I thought I'd ease myself back into things by being a guest on someone else's podcast. We had lots of fun recording, and best of all I don't have to do the editing! I shall provide links to the finished product when it appears - it should definitely be of interest to you classic who folks out there.

Anyway, most annoying character. This is going to be hard. I mean, do I go for a companion, a villain, a one off character or a recurring one; maybe even an incarnation of the doctor himself *coughcoughtennant*?

The thing is that all the characters who annoy me, personally, do have redeeming features. I feel it would be unfair to pick on any one of them. The slitheen are mostly bloody annoying, for example, but I have a real soft spot for Margaret. Peter Kay's performance as the absorbaloff really wound me up, but the character was designed by a little kid who did a reasonably good job. Dodo Chaplet is just pointless but she's not actively harmful. etc etc etc.

I think if I'm going to single out any one character it will have to be Rose Tyler. Because I loved her so much with 9. I really did. And then she turned into the sort of person I want to slap. And that really IS annoying. Travelling with the doctor should make you into a better person than you started out as, not a worse one, and for pretty much every other character who travels with him this is what happens (unless they get mind wiped like Jamie/Zoe/Donna). So yes, with some measure of regret I shall pick Rose.

Date: Wednesday, January 16th, 2013 06:54 am (UTC)
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Date: Wednesday, January 16th, 2013 10:07 am (UTC)
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I have to go with Mel Bush. At the time (at the age of 8) I quite liked the idea of a companion just being there with no introduction story where the Master killed her family. It could have been the perfect jumping-on point for new viewers - except that it wasn't, because of the silly Trial format.

Her 'job' of computer programmer was pretty clearly the result of Pip and Jane Baker and JNT sticking a pin in a phone book for all the relevance it ever had onscreen, her decision to go off with Glitz doesn't make any sense no matter how many NAs you read, and she was just so generic. And the screaming. She was the physical manifestation of a lazy tabloid journalist's shorthand for a Doctor Who companion.

Rose, on the other hand, kicked Satan into a black hole. I think people forget this too easily when talking about her season with Tennant.

Date: Wednesday, January 16th, 2013 01:56 pm (UTC)
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Ah, I have never listened to enough Big Finish to make a decision either way. Some of the Virgin books went some way to rehabilitating Mel, but I do still tend to give extra weight to the onscreen stuff. With the single exception of Harry Sullivan's War for its sheer awesome.

Well, Satan was obviously actually just an Osiran, he even had the voice of Sutekh...

Date: Thursday, January 17th, 2013 12:56 pm (UTC)
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I look forward to hearing your dulcet tones in this mysterious podcast! :)

Most annoying character? My first thought was Mel, but I've already singled her out as my least favourite companion, so I'll go for a tie between Adric and Kamelion instead.

Adric could have worked if he'd been better written and better acted, but the scriptwriters seemed to lose interest in him almost immediately and poor old Matthew Waterhouse just didn't have much charisma or acting ability. So the character quickly became a petulant teen who moaned about everything, a LOT. And that was annoying. I was shocked by his death, but that was because I'd never seen a companion cop it before. I didn't miss him.

Kamelion could have worked if he'd been a shape-shifting alien, but the idea of making him a robot prop was disastrous. Hadn't the production team learned their lessons from K9? They could never get him to work properly, and he was just a box on wheels! So Kamelion was an embarrassingly limited prop that could sit in a chair, move its head from side to side, and that was about it. Pathetic.

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