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Today I am adding in TV and radio - I'm going to try and steer clear of the prime time mainstream stuff, though, and point you towards interesting things that you might have missed. Also, I'll try to link to internet sources (iPlayer for the BBC, for example) where you can obtain the content if you missed it on broadcast. Anyway, on with the motley:

Solo Blog: Thagomiser by Debi Linton - if you like me, and you like my views on pop culture, but would like to read someone who covers things other than Doctor Who, then Debi is the girl for you. I am particularly enjoying her current series entitled "Debi watches Arrow so you don't have to".

Group Blog: Dogshaming - Hilarious photos of dogs who have done things deemed to be naughty. Cats? Who needs cats?

Twitterer: Very British Problems. Amusing glance at how we British make ourselves suffer out of misplaced regard for politeness and not bothering anybody.

Podcast: Nerdflix, not to be confused with NerdFlix or Nerd Flix or many other similarly-named podcasts, is a podcast in which the hosts and occasionally their guests talk over sacred cows of the scifi/horror/etc. genres. Becca and Tony are very knowledgable, and I particularly liked their episode on Quatermas and the Pit, HOWEVER I am reccing it for shameless self-promotion purposes. If you like me you should download the episode which should be appearing this week in which I fight with the other guest Glenn about pretty much all aspects of the Five Doctors. And bear in mind this is me trying to be civil. Because it's a podcast, you can't see the number of times I mouthed "that's bollocks!" ;)
* shamelessly ramping up the controversy for clicks *
* but not as shamelessly as some coughcoughBurchillcough *

Pinterest Board: Anne De Campo's Doctor Who board. Stuff from here often gets repinned by other people because Anne is good at selecting interesting stuff.

Radio Show: Call Clegg. If you're a masochist, or a Lib Dem, or just like shouting at the radio, Call Clegg is a fun way to spend half an hour on a Thursday morning. Myself, I found myself shouting at the presenter more than Clegg ("stop interrupting! That's a straw man! Christ you're annoying!") but YMMV. Count Packula has a helpful guide to how to listen if you're outside of London.

TV series: Father Brown, which is on weekday afternoons, even though it looks as though it was made for a prime time Sunday slot (which is where they normally put the premium versions of what Waterstone's call "cosy crime" - weekday afternoon is normally reruns of Diagnosis Murder and Murder She Wrote) is actually really well made and acted. The victim with his head stoved in in the first episode has make-up that would make Phil Leakey or Roy Ashton proud. Arthur Weasley is grand as the titular Father Brown, but the stars for me are Kasia Koleczek and Sorcha Cusack as Father Brown's battling parish staff.
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