Date: Sunday, January 5th, 2014 06:49 pm (UTC)
daweaver:   (saveworld)
From: [personal profile] daweaver
"Politics desperately needs a Disruptive Innovator." I submit that we've already had some of those: Obama '08 and the Occupy movement.

For about a month in October and November 2011, there was a brief spasm of non-violent static protest. People went to the west's big cities and showed by their actions that there was more to life than naked capitalism, that the vast majority were being screwed over to support an already-privileged few, that there were plausible alternatives. Yes, Occupy was a very nebulous concept, it wasn't easily reduced to a soundbite, its PR was (frankly) rubbish-to-abysmal. The long-running camps directly threatened power structures, and I got the impression that participants tended to be uncompromising idealists who didn't believe in gradual evolution.

Beyond the camps, Occupy has left a serious point: representative democracy is broken. As has been noted, the existing political parties are mostly seeking the approval of people who consider themselves to be in the party-political process. This assumes everyone is in the party-political process, at the expense of the fractions who aren't.

Where does Obama come into this? His 2008 campaign sought out and mobilised precisely those people, folk who were outside the party-political process. A soaring victory on the night was followed by crushing disappointment when voters realised that, for all his inspirational talk, Mr. Obama was still one of those political wonks, and he wasn't going to move beyond the very narrow window of right-wing policies. The results included a bunch of politicised people who weren't being represented, the ground from which Occupy could rise.

Yes, politics in these isles would benefit from disruptive innovation (from one or more sources). I think it's got to be something to enthuse the unenthusiastic, and it's got to be utterly honest, and it's got to be actually delivered.
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