Date: Monday, January 6th, 2014 07:06 am (UTC)
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What do they do? Partially the latter, I've known some who "always vote Conservative, I can't see how anyone can vote anything else" yet also bemoan cuts to, for example, the social care provision she needed to get respite from caring for her bedbound husband.

But also, Cameron has been specifically making promises aimed at pensioners for years, as have most previous Tories-there were very few ringfenced "won't be touched" benefits in Cameron's pledges and promises, but he was very very specific about things like the winter fuel payments, free bus passes, etc. and now he's come out in strong favour of keeping the "triple lock"—and the media's giving him a pass as if it's his idea in the first place.

Pensioners are both much more likely to vote, and much more likely to vote Tory:

Tories don't want to reduce healthcare provision, not anymore anyway (well, some do, but they're considered either extreme of politically inept, they've learnt it's electoral suicide), they want to break the monolothic centralised planning of the NHS (good) but let corporate interests take over instead (very very bad)—many of them, especially Cameron, genuinely think it'll improve things, but most just like to privatise everything as their simplistic "Thatcherite" worldview of state=bad/private profit=good is the only lense they can look at the world through.

Sorry, um, that was meant to be a quick comment and ended up a bit rambly, I blame insomnia and SB's dogs waking me up whenever I do get to sleep... ;-)
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