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I don't LIKE negative campaigning. I would much rather tell people why they SHOULD vote Liberal than why they shouldn't vote UKIP (or Labour, or Tory, or whatever). But apparently Ed Milliband has been saying UKIP are not the answer. I beg to differ, Mr M, I really do. I can think of several questions to which the answer is "UKIP".
  1. The majority of which party's supporters think that all immigrants and their families should be "sent home" even if they were born in Britain?

  2. Which party's small business spokesman wants to clamp down on illegal immigration - unless those illegal immigrants are employed by him?

  3. Which party are even the tabloid press calling racist and bigoted now?

  4. Which party has a candidate who thinks people like me can be turned straight by seeing other "GLBT whatever" folk shot?

  5. Who's that bunch of old rich cis het able-bodied white men who, despite their privilege, have an enormous persecution complex such that they think being asked perfectly reasonable questions is totally unfair?
Now, I'm not going to tell anybody not to vote UKIP. I'm a liberal, and I think people should be able to vote for whoever they want to, no matter how stupid, ill-informed, venal and despicable that candidate might be. So, you vote UKIP if you want to. Just bear in mind that if you do, I will judge you, and my judgement will be of disappointment at the very least.


This post started off as trying to be silly and ask ridiculous questions to which the answer was UKIP, but I got so cross at the actual real things to which the answer is UKIP... Seriously, how can anyone with an ounce of feeling for their fellow human beings even consider voting for these people?


Date: Sunday, May 18th, 2014 02:41 pm (UTC)
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I think you answered your own question. I believe there are too many people who don't have even an ounce of feeling for their fellow human beings. They vote for candidates who will benefit themselves without regards to anyone else but those in similar situations.

What frightens me, is how easily conservatives, under the guise of religion, influence people who are in directly opposing situations to believe in their ideals and vote for their candidates.

I always find it interesting, when reading your blog, how similar are the politics in our two countries. I am not certain this is a good thing. :-/

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