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So, in case you're wondering what we got up to in Glasgow, here's us speaking from the stage.

Firstly, our lovely PPC for Calder Valley, Alisdair Calder McGregor spoke on Climate Change:

Attempted to set aside standing orders so we could get an amendment we'd submitted that FCC had rejected put into the agenda:

... and banking

Alisdair also spoke in the Flooding motion about how flooding affects steep sided valleys like the Calder Valley and not just flat places like Somerset, but I can't find that video... :/

Todmorden's own Ruth Coleman-Taylor spoke in the Ageing debate

and in the Crime Debate

and also filled a good half of the first Today at Conference:

My lovely treasurer Dr Mick Taylor spoke on One Member One Vote

and the Pre-Manifesto debate

Sarah Noble proposed the Sex Work motion

and spoke on the Equalities paper

Oh yeah... And I spoke agin gender quotas:
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