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Questions have gone out and answers have started coming in.

Once I have answers from each candidate they will go in their own post and be linked via their name below. The columns alongside the names show which committee each person is standing for.

Candidate nameFCCFEFPCALDEInternat
Adam Corlett  Y  
Adrian Smith Y   
Adrian Trett Y   
Alec Dauncey  Y  
Alice Thomas (F) Y   
Andrew Chamberlain  Y  
Andrew WisemanY    
Antony Hook YYY 
Belinda Brooks-Gordon (F)  YYY
Candy Piercy (F) Y   
Cara Jenkinson (F)Y    
Carl Mayhew YY  
Caron Lindsay (F) Y   
Catherine Royce (F)  YYY
Chris MainesY    
Chris White Y   
David Boyle  Y  
David Buxton YY  
David Grace  YY 
David Hall-Matthews YY Y
David Rendel Y   
Dawn Barnes (F) Y   
Duncan Brack  Y  
Ed Fordham    Y
Elizabeth Jewkes (F)  Y  
Evan Harris YY  
Gareth EppsY Y  
George Dunk   YY
Gordon Lishman YYYY
Hugh Rickard Y   
Humaira Sanders (F)  Y  
Iain Donaldson Y   
Iain Smith   YY
James Gurling Y   
James Sandbach  Y  
Jane Smithard (F)YYY  
Jenny Woods (F)  Y  
Jeremy Hargreaves  Y  
Jo Hayes (F)  YY 
Jock Gallagher Y   
Joe OttenY    
John Innes    Y
Jon BallY    
Jonathan Brown    Y
Jonathan Fryer Y YY
Joshua Dixon Y   
Judith Ost (F)  Y  
Julie Smith (F)  Y  
Justine McGuinness (F)Y    
Kavya Kaushik (F) Y   
Katherine Bavage (F)  Y  
Kay Barnard (F)  Y  
Keith House Y  Y
Kelly – Marie Blundell (F)  Y  
Kirsten Johnson (F)  Y  
Linda Jack (F)  Y  
Liz Lynne (F)Y    
Louise Ankers Y   
Mark Pack  Y  
Mark Valladares   YY
Martin Tod Y   
Mary Reid (F)Y    
Merlene Emerson (F)    Y
Mick Taylor   Y 
Neil Fawcett Y   
Nigel Taylor  Y  
Paul TilsleyY    
Pauline Pearce (F)YY   
Peter Price   YY
Phil Bennion  YYY
Prateek Buch  Y  
Qassim AfzalYYY  
Rabi Martins    Y
Ramesh Dewan Y   
Rebecca Taylor (F)  Y  
Rebecca Trimnell (F)Y    
Rich ClareY    
Richard FagenceY    
Robert AdamsonYYY  
Ruth Coleman-Taylor (F)  YY 
Sandra Gidley (F)Y Y  
Sarah Ludford (F)  Y  
Seth Thevoz Y   
Sharon Bowles (F)  Y  
Shas Sheehan (F)Y    
Sian Reid (F) Y   
Simon Pike  Y  
Sir David Williams Y   
Spencer Hagard  Y  
Stan Collins YY  
Sue Doughty (F) Y   
Susan Juned (F)  Y  
Theo Butt-Philip  Y  
Tom Papworth  Y  
Turhan Ozen   YY
Zoe O'Connell (F)Y    

If you're standing in the elections and haven't recieved a question form, comment on this post or drop me a tweet or an email with your email address so I can send it to you.

thank you

Date: Sunday, November 9th, 2014 09:30 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
thanks for doing this - I hope all the candidates submit answers - with so many of them, the ones that engage with this will get higher preferences from me.


Thank you again

Date: Sunday, November 16th, 2014 12:27 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Surely once is not enough.
Your Federal Candidates blog has really helped me to understand where the candidates are coming from and to direct my votes accordingly.
It's also quadrupled the time this is all taking - but, hey, that's what Sundays are for.
Toby Keynes

Broken link

Date: Tuesday, November 18th, 2014 01:42 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Hi Jennie,

The Linda Jack link here seems to be broke.

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