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Look at this post on Lib Dem Voice. Look at it. It makes me want to weep.

Loook! Look at all the lovely lovely power we get! And it only comes with the TINY strings of a total lack of democratic accountability - the mayor that Manchester didn't want, and voted against, will be elected, but it's OK because (s)he'll be totally hamstrung by the appointed committee (s)he's serving on!

It's not another tier of government! The combined authority you were paying for anyway is just being dragged into the light, rather than being abolished and turned into an elected assembly as actual democrats might be expected to want.

No mention that the billion pounds of spending will actually involve cuts, of course, because it's less than would have been spent on those areas anyway by central government.

If the Stockport Lib Dems are this easy to buy off with mention of a few baubles of power then frankly, we deserve all the "would sell their grannies for a sniff of power" crap that the media and the other parties have been throwing at us for the past four and a half years.

Grargh. Really angry now.
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