miss_s_b: (Default)
miss_s_b ([personal profile] miss_s_b) wrote2008-01-23 01:07 am

D beat me to it...

... here, but I'ma say it anyway:

* big hugs for T *

28 is no age to die, is it? It always freaks me when someone younger than me dies. This is no exception. Have had a bit of a roller-coaster of an evening, all told*. Once more I am left wondering how I coped without Mister Mat to hold my hand and hug me and put old Who on for me...

ETA: Bwahahahahahahahahha one of the bad creatures in this appears to be called Cervix, and someone just said "Excellent Cervix!"

* you don't want to know, really. It was all a bit silly and nothing any of you could have done anything about, and it's all sorted now anyway.

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