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This list is not exhaustive, but I:
  • was somewhat disappointed in the room at the Mariott*, especially given the eye-watering price we were paying, but the staff were lovely**. I'd particularly like to single out for praise the breakfast chef*** who cooked my eggs exactly how I liked them, and was chatty and gregarious.

  • Was amused at the fact that the Mariott kept running out of beer, even despite charging six quid a pint for it, and getting many deliveries.

  • enjoyed many debates and fringes, and the fact that our party does EVERYTHING democratically, even if it is complex and confusing to many.

  • LOVED how carefully the chair of each debate explained what was happening for newer members, and hope to see this continue at future conferences.

  • worried about the wisdom of moving from representative democracy to OMOV, but accepted that it was the will of conference that we do so.

  • was incredibly proud of how active my members are in shaping the agenda of conference. We had one full motion, several amendments, and something on the emergency motions ballot. On top of that we spoke in a lot of motions and debates we hadn't been part of the instigation of.

  • enjoyed the hospitality of The Goat and Tricycle and 60 Million Postcards, especially on the food front.

  • Was particularly proud of Sarah Noble, who despite having been the subject of some pretty nasty harassment of late, still had enough spoons to:
    1. cowrite and propose a full motion on trans healthcare
    2. Speak in several other motions
    3. make the second best pig joke of the conference in proposing an amendment
    4. Perform euthanasia on the constitutional amendment of an angry man from Sheffield

  • enjoyed the cascading moments of peak Lib Dem. Firstly, we had a constitutional amendment that was pretty geeky in and of itself. Then there was a request for a reference back. Then the reference back went to a counted vote. THEN someone said "hey, what happens if it's tied?" and we had to go and find the chair of FCC to ask him.

  • Got in the sea, several times. It was nice.

  • went to the best Glee ever. Well done to all involved in arranging it, especially one Mr G Epps, even if the hotel DID cut us off in our prime.

  • saw FAR too many lovely people to mention them all or I'd just be typing a huge long list forever, but particular highlights were Lynne Featherstone at the Lords fringe, Pauline Pearce all over the conference, but especially leading us in You Are My Sunshine at Glee, and Jeanette Sunderland with some sage advice on the final day.
All in all, despite the cost, it was worth it. And I've already booked my hotel for Brighton, never mind York... ;)

* the iron had a frayed flex, which could have electrocuted me, and they had only given us 4 coat hangers for a 5 day stay. I went to phone to report these things and discovered the phone was broken. For the price we were paying I expect the little things to be right.
** with one exception. The tall skinny blonde lad with the Irish accent and the stripey shirt was unfailingly rude and blanked us every time we spoke to him - all the other staff would happily volunteer a good morning, for example, so we got into the habit of saying good morning to the staff too. This guy completely ignored us every time. He was also very shouty at other members of staff, which it's really not good to do in front of guests, even if the member of staff in question deserves shouting at.
*** whose name was variously written Donny, Danny and Dany on the little noticeboard thing each morning.
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