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In a comment in Another Place I have been accused of being anonymous by someone who misspells my name, not only in the same comment, but in the same sentence. I have also been accused of defamation.

On the subject in question, those who are on the opposite side to me tend to throw around words like slander, libel and defamation a lot.

Defamation and it's various subcategories are triggered when someone deliberately says something in public which is untrue, AND which causes someone to either lose money or standing.

Accurately reporting other people's views on a person? Not defamatory, especially when those views are entirely factually based. Even given the reversed burden of proof for defamation, it's unlikely that suing me for saying "lots of people think x" would succeed when I can produce a list of screencaps and what they say AND it's admitted as fact by the person who is the subject of the allegations in any case. I would also seek to argue that the person in question cannot have had his standing reduced by me reporting what other people think of him since his standing is demonstrated by my report of what other people think of him.

Still, I am aware that legal costs these days are quite extortionate, so if anyone wants to spud me a few quid towards possible legal expenses...


UPDATE: so I've got an anonymouse who is incapable of adhering to my comments policy. Again. He she they or it are up to their third comment of splain, so I have clarified a couple of sentences for their benefit.
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