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I acknowledge that people who are "concerned about immigration" think that the immigrants are causing the housing crisis.
I acknowledge that people who are "concerned about immigration" think that the immigrants are causing people to have zero hours contracts in low paid shitty jobs.
I acknowledge that people who are "concerned about immigration" think that the immigrants are swamping the NHS.
I acknowledge that people who are "concerned about immigration" think that the immigrants are bleeding the benefits system dry.

The problem is they are completely, objectively, provably wrong about all of those things.

The problem is that in "acknowledging their concerns", we validate them, and let them believe that they are right.

Underinvestment and policy cockups which make people suffer are not the fault of immigrants who can't even fucking vote, they are the fault of successive governments and the people who vote for them.

If you want a health service that's not bursting at the seams, if you want your local fire station to stay open, if you want disabled people to have a decent standard of living because benefits give them enough to subsist on, at some point you're going to have to realise that immigrants who pay more into the system than they take out, and who just want to quietly get on with living their lives and contributing to our economy are NOT THE FUCKING PROBLEM here.

You blame immigrants because you don't want to face up to your own complicity in voting for successive governments that have done this shit because you want European levels of public services with USA levels of taxation, and then "acknowledged your concerns" and cracked down on immigration so hard that we are actually deporting nurses now because they don't earn enough.

Stop being such racist arseholes, open your eyes, and take some fucking responsibility.

Date: Wednesday, June 15th, 2016 01:00 pm (UTC)
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I am prepared to acknowledge things like "the NHS doesn't have enough staff and budget for what we need it to do," but where I would go from there is "yes, it's a shame you can't see a doctor quickly" (for example), and then go on to what (as far as I know) the real reasons are, such as lack of budget to hire enough staff, and spending money on administrators instead (which is a huge part of the problem in the U.S.).

At least with that I can agree there's a real problem (people should have good medical care); it's not like "no, we aren't the ones undermining 'traditional' marriage, but if we were I would be delighted to take the credit, because a relationship worth having isn't based on a woman being subservient and putting up with crap because she can't afford to leave."

Date: Wednesday, June 15th, 2016 02:49 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] el_staplador
The money's mostly going on agency staff, here - admin has been cut to the bone, and doctors, nurses, etc are having to do the paperwork instead of the stuff they're actually skilled in. So they quit because they're stressed out of their minds, NHS still has an obligation to provide a service so pays agencies thrpugh the nose, try to make savings elsewhere, vicious circle rolls on.

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