Date: Monday, July 4th, 2016 03:57 pm (UTC)
pensnest: collection of coloured pencils in a pot (Rainbow pencils)
From: [personal profile] pensnest
I'm getting *so* fed up with the people saying we have to 'respect' the people's choice when we *know* they were in the Remain camp. I'd love to hear a politician say that the people picked the wrong horse! Given the mind-boggling abandonment of any shreds of integrity that the leaders of their respective campaigns are showing at the moment, I don't hold out any hope for it.

I agree that we need a change to the electoral system. If thr LibDems hadn't screwed themselves so thoroughly when they had the chance to make a real and meaningful change, we might indeed have had one by now. I don't remember what they were offering us, but I've long thought that "superconstituencies" about the size of five/six current constituencies ought to work—they'd elect five MPs, and everyone could also have one vote towards a List candidate, so that each party could also offer a national List, and X thousand List votes would get an MP. That way, the Greens (and sadly also UKIP, but needs must) would have a chance to get some actual representation, and we'd also keep the link between MPs and constituencies. Indeed, it'd help the constituencies of senior ministers, which can't get a lot of local time from their MPs currently.

What also needs to happen is for the Conservative and Labour parties to split. Both are really two parties in a very uneasy alliance, and as voters we'd have a far more interesting and meaningful choice available to us if we could vote for, say, a truly Left-wing Labour candidate, or a pro-Europe Tory, etc. And that would lead to parties which had to ally with one another to form governments, which, no doubt, they would hate, but which would lead to far more of the electorate actually having their vote respected than our present system does.

Coming back to your post, someone going for the 48%'s votes could actually do quite well with it, so long as they picked the right constituencies. We've got a pretty good map showing the cities where Remain won thumpingly. And being the losing side, they (we) probably have more incentive to get out the vote next time.

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