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miss_s_b ([personal profile] miss_s_b) wrote2017-02-03 06:21 pm
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Londonny Types! Who wants to offer me a Spare Oom or Sofa For Friday 17th Feb?

UPDATE: I have been offered a room. YAY!

I've got a full day's Lib Demmery at HQ on the Saturday, and a place to kip would be most excellent!

*ingratiating smile*

(in case you're wondering why I keep asking this, it's because while the party's expenses structure WILL allow me to get a bed in London, the cap is so absurdly low, the only central London place I could actually kip in is one of those 12-tiny-beds-to-a-room dormitory places, and I'm not overly comfortable with the idea of that. So, you know, pathetic gratitude usually ensues for people who take me in)