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Doctor Who: The Pilot - immediate reactions

On the famed EHPodcast two-step scale I liked it.
I like Nardole's character so much I am beginning to be able to put up with him being played by Matt Lucas.
The storyline was kind of light, but that's not unexpected for a jumping-on episode - I get the feeling that this is how Moff would have done Rose if he'd done Rose.
I liked the pictures of River and Susan, and the doctor talking to them.
And Bill. OMG I have fallen deeply in love with Bill. Her curiosity. Her turn of phrase ("my face keeps doing these expressions when I'm trying to be enigmatic" LOL). Her ability to surprise the doctor. Her Prince t-shirt. Her being flirty but not with boys!

Basically, I have the happy, and am looking forward to next week already :)

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Very much Moffat's version of Rose. I really liked the TARDIS introduction. That worked very well.

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Also the expression on Capaldi's face when he said "TARDIS for short." There's a man who can run Tom and Troughton close in the captivating grin stakes.
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Yes. :)
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Nardole was surprisingly good, actually. I can live with him being there in that capacity, I think.

Bill was amazing! I am delight! I loved that her being into girls was not commented on particularly, and I love how she falls head over heels in love so easily.
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One slight concern - why did he run to the other side of the world and then the end of the universe and then through a Dalek firefight ... before trying to talk to it?
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Also important positive thing for me - she talks him out of a Donna style mind wipe by expressing how unfair it is. I am taking that as an acknowledgement that that was a bad choice.
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Yeah. His even considering it didn't ring quite true to me, though I can live with 12 being both more expedient and more inclined to stick with tedious things, trying harder to be a 'grown up', than previous incarnations. His backing down - was right, and played well.
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I also liked very much.

I was really delighted to see the Doctor being wildly enthusiastic. Well done, Capaldi.

I ADORE Bill. Yes yes yes yes!!!





And I was very pleased when the TARDIS wheezed at the Doctor in the last few minutes when some important people/memories were ganging up on him.

I really liked that the Doctor appeared outside to meet Bill. Implicitly, he was probably still inside too and it could've been another fifty years! Well done.

Though I have a couple of things I wish they hadn't done.

I could have done without a fat joke in the first minute of Bill being on the show. Argh!

And I wish that there had been time or intent to get into the difference between original!Heather and water!Heather. The latter - is she the same person as the former, or the being that killed her, or both?

Overall, quite good!

I am also looking forward to next week.
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