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Potentially Spoilery Doctor Who Rumours and Speculation

This is your spoiler warning.

Look, this is your last warning. Scroll away, spoilerphobes, thrice Lord Mayor...

OK, if you've got THIS far you can't blame me if you see spoilers, all right? This is the contract you agree to by reading further.

Also, an etiquette note: I've linked to some other people's posts to illustrate where my speculative thoughts have come from; while I'm happy for wild and potentially spoilery speculation to happen in the comments to this entry the people I link to might not be (and in one case, explicitly aren't) so please respect that if you follow the links.

Right, so, we all know Missy AND Simm!Master and going to be in this series, because they are both in the trailer and the BBC has put up news articles about it. Moffat says in that article that they work really well "face to face", so that says that they are actually going to be on screen at the same time, and we are going to get a multiple Master story.

Here's where the rumours come in:

Rumour 1: Missy is going to kill Simm!Master who will then regenerate into Missy (I really hope this is true, I've never liked Simm!Master). Two Missies on screen at once will be ace if this is true!

Rumour 2: There's going to be more than two Masters: there's some footage of Ainley!Master that was filmed for the Destiny of the Doctors PC game in the nineties (you can find it on the DVD for Survival if you're interested) and they're going to use that in the episode with Simm!Master and Missy.

[personal profile] magister (inorite? Apropriate name or what?) speculated that The Important Thing In The Vault is Simm!Master (also independently speculated by [personal profile] lizbee here) which would, as [personal profile] londonkds further speculates, explain what Missy says about being abandoned rather better than the assumptions we have made so far. IMHO It would also explain why the vault looks a bit Pandorica-y in a Watsonian way (as opposed to the Doyle-ist explanation that "the sets and effects are done by the same people and sometimes they re-use bits").

Questions I have about this imprisonment:
  1. How did The Doctor get him in there?

  2. Why did the Doctor put him in there?

  3. How do they feed him? Is he in suspended animation or what?

  4. If Nardole has set the security to "Friends Only" (oh how we laughed at the LJ injoke) how come the Master can't just get out? After all, we all know that he and the Doctor are the nearest thing each other has to a friend.

  5. How much egg am I going to have on my face if The Important Thing In The Vault turns out not to be Simm!Master and I have run this far with it on a wild goose chase?
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Quick answer to number 4 - I believe they were talking about the door Bill came through, not the vault itself, and it was to illustrate that Bill was already considered a 'friend' IMO.

Everything else seems logical - the only other explanation I've seen put forward is that it's somehow the next Doctor in there and the Doctor's locked him away because even he doesn't like the idea of being Kris Marshall - and I expect there'll need to be some sort of reason for The Two Or More Masters occurring.
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You can't. Paddy's still got to eat that.
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So will I, as long as it's coated in arsenic first.
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I believe they were talking about the door Bill came through, not the vault itself, and it was to illustrate that Bill was already considered a 'friend' IMO.

Yes, this was my understanding.

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On reflection, if you set up a mystery as the central spine for a series and then reveal that the answer to the mystery is - a bloke who you showed in the trailer at the end of part one, it's a bit limp, isn't it?

One thing comes to mind - episode 4 is called Knock Knock, so that might have something to do with it, given that knocking is something that one does with doors.

One other rumour that has been floating around is that David Bradley is to appear as the 1st Doctor. On the one hand, this has been floating around since he played Hartnell in Adventure in Space and Time. On the other hand, we have Mondasian Cybermen turning up later in the series, these being the creatures who caused the original Doctor to regenerate, and there was a great deal of attention paid to a picture of Susan, one of his original companions, on the Doctor's desk.

Oh well, give it 12 weeks and we'll know all the answers.

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WHat if the vault contains something lovely that must be protected from evil? Like tea or a koala bear?
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I too now want a vault full of puppies.

But in an amusing turn, I googled for that (you never know) and found this: