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The Blood is the Life for 10-05-2017

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I thought when I first read the Colin Jackson thing that starting to copy in other bookmakers was a bit odd.

Didn't stop me sharing the article on Facebook in a non-commital sort of a way but I'm not surprised that it's some sort of a hoax.
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I'm still not entirely sure what the guy was trying to prove.

It's like one of those "Share my picture so my class can see how quickly a picture can spread" things. We kinda already know that Twitter is a low-quality medium, that stupid people exist and that people who have made an error will often try to escape the consequences of their error by lying and trying to shift the blame back or sideways. So the story is entirely plausible and could have worked for a Corbynista or a CyberNat of the more Zoomer stripe.

What I guess is less acceptable is proper newspapers treating Storify as if it were an actual source.

Anyhow, I'm chosing to treat it as a piece of performance art whilst feeling sorry for the actual Colin Jackson.