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I may do a proper review tomorrow, however…


The vocals were a LITTLE low in the mix, so sometimes clarity was a bit lacking. Thankfully I knew most of the words anyway.


They didn't play my favourite song, but they did play Holly's, and the look on her face when she heard the opening bars is a thing I will treasure for always.

I am very happy and slightly deaf and slightly hoarse. But definitely very happy.

ISIHAC on Sunday! :)
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Yaaaay! I'm so glad it was a good time!
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Awesome! :D
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Hurray :-)

I saw them at Brixton Academy in about 2001 and they were brilliant.

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Oooh, ISIHAC...

Tour or recording?

We went to the tour recently, for the second time, it was "all new for 2017" in a similar way that the Glee songbook is all new each year. Recordings are different in that they are genuinely new... and when we went it really was as it was Jack Dee's first two in charge in series where they trialed various new hosts post-Humph.


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Yeah, I've seen two tour performances (one where I went with Jennie, James, Mat, and others, and one where we all went but Jennie couldn't get time off work) and they were pretty much word-for-word identical except for, I think, two ad-libs that Sandi made which Jack Dee hadn't.
Also been to an actual recording -- part of the last series Humph did, so that was pretty special.