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Concert review: Iron Maiden at First Direct Arena, Leeds

Well, I say review, it's more a disjointed set of ramblings.

You may all remember, way back in the mists of time, I went to see Alice Cooper in Manchester, and daughter gave me a proper roasting for not taking her with me. She was eight at the time. She's now 13, and Alice Cooper is coming back to the UK in the autumn, so I bought us tickets to go see him, like, the second they went on sale. Then I went to see what else we could get tickets for. And went "oooooooo..."

Daughter has a big soft spot for Maiden. When she was tiny, I have very fond memories of her battering a little toy drum kit and singing "Feel of the Dark". And they always, always do a good show, so I thought they'd be a good choice for her first big rock concert.

Now, as you as know, daughter is ASD, like I am. And although I really love loud rock concerts, many ASD people have problems with loud noises and/or flashy lights. So I did ibble things. I made sure the seats I had booked were on the end of a row, near an exit. I talked to her a lot beforehand about what we could expect - it will be loud enough to feel the vibration, there will be lots of people dancing and singing along, etc. - and answered all the questions she asked me. When we got there we found our seats quite easily (the stewards were very helpful), and then had an explore so we knew where the loos were, and the food concession in case we wanted a drink, and looked at the hugely expensive merchandise and decided to not buy any. And then we settled in our seats.

There was the usual generic rock music playing over the PA. I sang along to a lot of it, and soundhounded the ones I didn't know, and chatted to Hol about the bands whose songs were playing. I talked to her about the people in the standing area below, and how their experience would differ from ours. And then a song came on that was louder than the rest, and I explained the concept of an intro track. And then the support band came on...


Were actually pretty good. I'd not heard any of their music before, so it was a completely new experience for me. I'm definitely going to get hold of some of their stuff.

The two main things that stuck out for me were that:

1, the singer had very very good stagecraft, and whipped up a mostly apathetic crowd into quite some enthusiasm within a couple of songs.
2, the drummer had the most awesome hair

Like I say, I am totally going to be getting hold of some of their stuff. It was mostly rock positivity, and there was something Pearl Jammy about them. Most enjoyable.

Iron Maiden

So, criticisms first:

- the vocals were a bit low in the mix, and sometimes got drowned out or were unclear.
- they didn't play my favourite song.

That's it, really. Everything else was awesome. I think the most awesome thing was Hol's face when the opening bars of Fear of the Dark happened, and her singing along at the top of her voice, but other awesome things included:

- Bruce's little chats with the audience.
- Steve Harris's knees. And his hair. And his shint shiny scratchplate on his bass.
- the set, and the pyro, and the lighting, and the many many backdrops.
- an amusing display of Yorkshire patriotism, followed by a serious point about racism being shit from Bruce, which got huge cheers and applause.
- Eddie, and Bruce ripping out Eddie's heart and throwing it into the audience.
- Janick's antics, and Bruce eventually tying him up with his own guitar lead and saying "that should slow 'im down!"

We had a really great time, and Hol really loved it, and is fully looking forward to Alice Cooper in the autumn now :)

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