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OK, Cycling People, a l'il help?

So yesterday I went out on my bike for the first time in months; I did 8 miles! it was ace! However, this morning my... uh... parts are kinda sore and bruised, because the canal towpath, while very pretty and traffic-free, is a bit bumpy; also the saddle on my bike, despite claiming to have a gel seat pad, is not the softest.


What do I do to cure this? Do I need a new saddle? If so, what kind do you recommend? Is one of those lycra gel seat pads that you can get off eBay worth the three quid they go for? Do I need to get some kind of springing thing UNDER the saddle?

FYI: please don't suggest padded pants. I'm not wearing padded pants for several reasons:
  1. One looks a complete tit in them.
  2. You can't get them in fabrics I'm not allergic to.
  3. I firmly resist specialist cycling clothing in general. Part of the joy of a bike for me is that you can just hop on and go.
  4. One really does look like a total tit in them.
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What kind of bike do you have? If I decide to get a bike since there's now a place to stash it, I'm definitely getting a big ol' granny seat with padding.
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I wonder how I missed that when you posted it? Nice!

I'm thinking of getting something old-ladyish like this
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I'd likely only be riding it in the park a couple of blocks from me. There's one hill going in and out.

I do like that Columbia bike, though. They also sell baskets and saddlebags. I'll have to test out the ones in the store soon :)