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Doctor Who: Oxygen

I didn't like it.

I don't know what was the worst thing - the smug white guy writer making the black woman do performative racism in the smuggest way possible, the even smugger yet oh-so-patronising Corbynite critique of capitalism, the smug cruelty of The Doctor in refusing to tell people why they had to do x or y - and make no mistake, that was a choice on the part of the writer - or the horrific treatment of blindness as a fucking plot point. Because blindness is obviously the end of everything. All the other characters talking to him like he'd died. The pretend cure. The "oh, it's OK, I can hide that I'm defective" plot set up for next week. Eurgh. Doctor Who (neither the character nor the show) should not be needlessly cruel to ramp up tension in the story. Doctor Who is about hope.

The idea of it was interesting, the effects were good, the acting was top notch. But the politics of it horrified me, and I am stunned by the number of people who are lauding it as an example of how Who is progressivist just because it has an on-it's-face critique of capitalism.

Sorry, people who liked it.
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I have some worries about how they will handle the blindness. And about how long they can probably drag it out for all things considered.

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I expect it'll be fixed at some point in next week's episode, but I'm very worried at what will happen before then! And it can be fixed in any number of ways that I might have to brace myself for, too. (I am partially sighted so taking this a bit personally, I am afraid.)
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It could go so wrong D:
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I enjoyed some bits of it, but didn't enjoy other bits so much. Also, is it me or has there been a LOT of death in general in this series so far?