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The Blood is the Life for 16-05-2017

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Laura again

"News that shouldn't be news"... except that after the coalition and especially some of the stuff the leadership wanted us to wave through in the early years, it sadly is actually news.
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Sun headline: that's how a lot of the popular press (and some of the broadsheets) play politics here. I think Corbyn is at best ineffectual and of course his Brexit stance goes against my interests as well as a lot of what I believe in but this is not the way to contest anything of what he may have to say or propose.

Haven't seen Continuum so don't have an opinion but it does happen a lot, doesn't it. Not that I watch that much television fiction and my last female hero was President Laura Roslin, I wanted to marry her even if she was just short of being something of an unelected dictator.