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There but for the grace of God...

Manchester is less than an hour from my home. I have lots of friends there, and I visit there often. The station I most often arrive at is Manchester Victoria.
Less than a fortnight ago I took my little girl to an arena concert in a big city.
So yeah, this is hitting home hard.



The arsehole who blew himself up with an IED full of nuts and bolts at a concert full of little girls was one man.

The people who immediately took to the streets with bottles of water and cups of tea? The people who opened their homes to strangers for a sit down or a phone charger or a phone? The taxi drivers who offered free rides home when the trains were cancelled, the hotels who offered free rooms and respite and drinks to those affected, and the absolute heroes of the emergency services? Those people are legion. Those people are the ones who we need to talk about. Those people are the peak of humanity.

Love, not hate.
Helping, not hurting.

No party politics today, people. No Yorkshire/Lancashire joking. Today we stand together. Please?
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[personal profile] swingandswirl 2017-05-23 07:26 am (UTC)(link)
I am so, so sorry. Hugs and support to you and yours.

As someone from a country where terrorist attacks are frequent enough to be almost routine, thanks to our dear neighbours across the border... I think the best thing anyone can do is remember that we're better than anger and fear and hatred. It's like Mr Rogers from the PBS show said. Look for the helpers.
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Speaking as someone from a country that has only had one recent terrorist attack (that succeeded - there were a lot of attempts, one right in the big city near my hometown), I agree with all of this. Look for the helpers, not the haters. Look for what is good in humanity especially in such moments of darkness and hate.

Thinking of you and yours
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Thinking of you and yours.
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*hugs back* *tea*
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I was doing ok until I left for work and saw all the parents, kids and teens heading for school. 😔
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Just noticed your usericon. Yes, that x 1000
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This, so much this.

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As ever, a brilliant post. Spot on.

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*love you*
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Yes. This. Speaking as a New Yorker, yes. When the horrible things happen, we ordinary people take care of each others, friends and strangers alike.

Take care of each other, keep going about our ordinary lives, out in public.
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Hear, hear.