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Just in case there wasn't enough drama in my life...

... on top of all the other things detailed in my last post, Roxy has got bronchitis.

She had developed an awful cough, which got dramatically worse over the weekend, so we took her to the vet yesterday morning. When I said "we're going to the vet" she did her "I know where that is!" face and guided Alisdair all the way there, which was very sweet. But then when we got to the driveway of the vet she remembered that sometimes she gets stuck with needles in there and didn't want to go in. Then she cried all the time we were in the waiting room.

The actual vet we saw was her favourite of the three who work there, though, and he fussed her lots while examining her. Of course she didn't cough once while we were in there, but he listened to her breathing in lots of different bits of her chest, and gave her a bit of an MOT in other areas while we were in there. Then he pronounced her mostly healthy for her age, if a bit overweight (wry grin when we explained that trying to restrict her food doesn't work because she just steals Spike's) and prescribed her some antibiotics for the bronchitis.

She's being very good about taking her pills (she knows the drill with pills, with her hayfever) but her sad face when she's coughing is just heartbreaking.

Obviously she is getting MANY cuddles.
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I'm sure they will help. Give her a pat from me!
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I can't remember my old login but I'm sure Roxy needs more snuggles from me.

💖 Adelle
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She's such a good dog! Unlike Sirius who occasionally fakes a limp because after his knee surgery, he got pills dipped in butter.