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My to do list has too many things on it and they all eat spoons and I have no spoons send spoons. Srsly.

Am managing to just about keep up with work stuff, but politics stuff is a bit wibbly wobbly and personal stuff is backed up like someone who's never eaten prunes.

Also, Roxy has finished her course of antibiotics, yet is still coughing (we're going back to the vet tomorrow); my ankle still hurts; Hol breaks up for the summer holidays tomorrow; we've got a meat order coming and the freezer is too full already; I've got research to do on policy for a Lord; I've got two reviews to write; I've got LOADS of stuff to do for LGBT+LDs; I've got loads of invoices to issue and forms to fill in (and forms are a terrifying thing); AND we are out of gin.

This is not sustainable.

(we now return you to your scheduled programming)

(Anonymous) 2017-07-13 02:33 pm (UTC)(link)

Not sure virtual spoons help, but here are some: *visualise spoons here*

I know what it's like - and too often find myself backed up with stuff to do, largely in similar priority order (Work, LDs, Life...).

If I can do more on the Plus side, I shall - but suspect they're not things that will relieve pressure on you specifically (but feel free to drop me an email if there is anything in this category I could do.)
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Can I help with Plus stuff? Or forms, I'm good at forms.
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Sympathy with everything; and poor Roxy, with this cough.
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Is there some way to send you emergency gin?
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Wish I had some spare spoons to give you. :(

I could send you gin, though, if needed.

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It's Caron sending hugs.

And for fucks sake get some gin in.

Wish I could offer more solace but I feel your pain at the moment.

And remember you have an Exec and a family you can delegate to.

And give poor Roxy a massive cuddle from Auntie Caron.

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