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The Blood is the Life for 15-07-2017

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Such a pity people out there prefer to believe what our opponents say about us instead of looking at what we've done. Tim ultimately resigned as leader because of this shit and frankly, who can blame him. But it's not just LGBT issues that get treated in this way. Any issue that can be distorted to make LibDems look bad will be so distorted. What made Tim's problem much worse was his inability to come up with a snappy retort at the time. When he cracked that he wasn't running for Pope everyone laughed and the question wasn't pursued. If he'd done that in the original interview then the issue wouldn't have been prominent. (and by the way, Corbyn gets away with fudging or not answering questions all the time...)
So what lessons can we learn from this? Making sure any party leader knows in advance what the likely difficult personal questions are likely to be and have an answer ready. Vince will need a handy sound bite about age and experience for example.
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Tim Farron article

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I thought this was a great piece when you first wrote it, Jennie, and it has endured! I think there is a big problem that people (especially journalists) do not understand what Liberalism means in practice and do not try to understand.