Monday, July 6th, 2009

Jesus Wept...

Monday, July 6th, 2009 12:35 pm
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I thought I had had a pretty rough weekend and was in need of some sympathy. Then I backread my friends list. Muggings, broken bones, poorly cats, doom, gloom and horror...

Note to self: there's always someone worse off than you.
Note to f-list: anything I can do, I will (obviously if it involves money we have a problem, but if you need an ear, or advice, or Mat to bake you cookies...).

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Waiting for Mat to eat his breakfast, so I might as well give you some...

Fresh Squeezings from the veins of the internet!

And today's Meme: Could You Pass the UK Citizenship Test? I passed with 75% and so did Mat, with 80-something, but such luminaries as James Graham, Bridget Fox, and Will Howells are in the queue for deporting.

What's your score?

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This week's headline figures:
  • 494 absolute unique visitors (down slightly)
  • 1593 visits (up 100)
  • Busiest day: Monday
  • Readers' favourite browser: Firefox, 52.54% (up a tiny bit)

more Google Analytics statporn under here )

Exciting stats not from Google Analytics:
  • # of unread emails: 17
  • # of websites requiring work: 5
  • # of blog posts I am committed to write that I haven't written yet: 10
  • # of logos/headers to design: 2 (still one for Sarah at Same Difference, and one for next month's sponsor)
  • # of Dreamwidth Invite Codes Available for handing out: 2
  • # of people added to reading list this week: 3
  • # of people removed from reading list this week: 0 (man, [staff profile] mark, please hurry up with those reading filters...)
  • # of times I forgot to take my happy pill this week and ended up taking it late: 1
  • # of times I have had a panic attack and ended up crying on the bed scratching myself to pieces today: 2
  • # of times I have burst into tears in gratitude at how wonderful my friends are today: 3 (so far)
  • Amount of shit to put up on eBay: approx 1 million metric fucktonnes.
  • Amount of shit put up on eBay so far: 0 (but hopefully this will change by tomorrow)
I'd like to say thank you to all of you guys who have helped me through today's various crises. You are awesome, and I couldn't cope without you

* group hug *

The other thing I'd like to tell you about is [personal profile] amazing_holly's school report, which I received this afternoon. It's excellent The attainment ranks go from 1-5 and the effort ranks are A for above average, B for average and C for below average. She got 1A for most things (including literacy, numeracy, art, science, and music) and 1B for most of the rest, except for listening to the teacher, in which she got a C for effort and ICT, in which she got 1C - i.e. she is well ahead of the rest of the class, and therefore doesn't put any effort in and finds it boring.

She's so much like me it's uncanny.

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Oh. My. God.

That was actually GOOD. Better than good. It was great. Pacing was perfect, suspense was building, ending was a stunning cliffhanger: wa-HEY!

I was SPOILER! ) when Rupesh SPOILER! ) because SPOILER! ). And Peter Capaldi is clearly SPOILER! ) which is SPOILER! ) because that's a bit predictable. Is his secretary SPOILER! ) by the way? I forgot to check the credits.

I liked Tim/SPOILER! ). He was a nice quirky detail. And I loved all the little domestic touches. Stephen's mum and SPOILER! ) were a nice character study, and Ianto's SPOILER! ) were a scream. And the couple stuff between SPOILER! ) was just SPOILER! ).

I didn't like the fact that there weren't that many good female characters in comparison to male characters, and the outstanding new female character was the woman who SPOILER! ). They could have had one of the ministers or something be female. Still, I'm looking forward to seeing SPOILER! )'s character develop. She looked pretty cool. And pretty. But A+ for racial and sexual orientation diversity (which is normal for Crotchw00t, really), even if they had a bit of genderfail. And didn't Colonel Mace have a GORGEOUS voice?

All in all, I am really looking forward to tomorrow :D YAY! I ENJOYED IT!!

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