Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

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This is what my lovely wife made for pudding tonight:


Guh. And, indeed, om nom nom. And people wonder why I am putting on weight! For those of you who are in the area, there is just less than half of it left, and if you hurry...

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Anyone Want a Carver?

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009 01:47 am
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Well, yes, I know we ALL want a Carver, but does anyone REALLY want a Carver? You see, my brother, [personal profile] angeliiiii, spent so long trying to get hold of one that people are still telling him when one comes up for sale, even though he now has a nice pretty battleship grey one with I support Huddersfield Town stickers all over it. So if anyone fancies one in Stealth Black, and has a spare bit of cash floating around, now's your chance. My bro sent me some pictures:

Carver small

more under the cut )

If you want to know how much it is and whereabouts in the UK it is and stuff, you'll have to ask [personal profile] angeliiiii though. He neglected to vouchsafe that information to me.

I will tell you, though, that having had a ride in my bro's Carver, it is the most funnest thing you can be on the road in without having to wear a helmet and leathers.

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Click here to vote in the Total Bollocks Best Blogs Poll 2009

OK, so I caved. I blame Andrew Hickey, who has told everyone to vote for me.

For the record, here's who I voted for:
1, Debi Linton
2, Crust of the Grouch
3, Millennium Elephant
4, Charlotte Gore
5, Alex Wilcock
6, Penny Red
7, Feminist Mums
8, Sara Bedford
9, Alix Mortimer
10, John Q Publican
This is why this post is f-locked. Apparently you're not supposed to tell people who you voted for this year. You can solicit votes for yourself, but not for anyone else, apparently. How very Tory.

The order of the people I voted for is deliberate, with those whom I think will get less votes higher up on my list to maximise the impact of the vote. Do feel free to participate if you want to, or ignore it if you want to. Just remember that if you DO participate, you must vote for exactly ten blogs, and number them, or your vote will be discounted.

ETA: since the results are out I have taken the lock off this post.

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