Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

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Less than two days till we're meant to be setting off for conference and it's all gone horribly wrong AGAIN
  • The major problem is that dog-sitter has cancelled. It's kind of understandable - one of the other dogs he looks after from time to time is owned by an old lady, and she's had a fall and gone into hospital, so he's got her dog and thus no room for ours - but WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN??? ARGH! Any volunteers gratefully received...

  • Holly has been off school sick all week, so not only does this mean that the house is a total tip, but this morning I woke up with a nose I couldn't breathe through and eyeballs glued together with snot. So if I do make it to Conference, I shall be being Typhoid Mary, except I'll probably infect a lot more than 53 people...

  • It's only 6 weeks till beer festival at work and I have LOADS of posters and stuff to design and print and Conference will take a week out of being able to do that
So, yeah, I'm having a bit of a panic. And that's aside from the panics I am having over the fact that I'm booked to ask Questions to Federal Exec, and several people have told me I should speak on the Save Our Pubs motion, and I have a blogger interview with Our Glorious Leader on the Saturday morning, and I've had a top sekrit offer from someone else to be Lib Dem correspondent for their website for conference and... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH

I am fighting the urge to curl up under the duvet and hide, because I have an eight hour shift at work in half an hour.

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We have a dogsitter. My lovely brother, [personal profile] angeliiiii, has volunteered. He is a lovely brother and I love him much. The irony is that upon exiting my place of work this evening I went over on my ankle and it's now all huge and swollen and purple. So even though we have a dogsitter, I'm still not a happy bunny...

I am watching Columbo in bed, with my foot elevated, desperately hoping to be able to walk tomorrow.

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