Saturday, September 26th, 2009

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Anyone who watches conference on the telly might have, quite understandably, got the impression that conference is all about sitting in an auditorium watching stuffed suits make long speeches about arcane bits of political geeky stuff. Now, that is a part of conference, to be sure, but it's not a large part. El Presidente mentioned at one point (I think at the "new to conference?" event) that she'd been to a couple of conferences in the past and not managed to make it into the hall once. This came as no surprise.

Obviously, apart from the debates and things in the hall, there are many many many training events and fringe debates and things like that. And a lot of you will have heard about those too. What you may not have heard about is the general air of silliness and fun that pervades the whole thing. Liberals are perplexed when people start taking the mickey out of us for laughing in the leader's speech: isn't that what the leader is for? Laughing at? Cleggy certainly seems to understand that, given the jokes he makes at his own expense. The start of conference rally involved Sarah Teather making a series of near-the-knuckle jokes about various political scandals. Many of us went to the beach after the leader's speech and spent time making incredibly silly sandcastles. But the king of all silliness is, of course, Glee Club.

Glee Club is a bizarre concoction of bad comedy, worse singing, sexual innuendo, and vast amounts of drinking. It's the kind of thing that shows that no matter how much the media and other parties might try to show us in an embarrassing light, there's nothing they can do that will show us up as sillier and more embarrassingly uncool than we will voluntarily do ourselves. [personal profile] matgb detests Glee Club. Possibly because he still has some residual cool. One person I have never noticed actively participating at Glee Club is The Honourable Lady Mark. But then, given the sort of people he hangs around with, I don't think he'll ever be uncool enough. The swine. It certainly scared the living daylights out of [personal profile] awesomegore, and for that reason alone is worth celebrating, in my view.

I'm trying to think of a way of describing it which conveys the true, magnificent awfulness of it, but I just can't. It's something which has to be experienced to be believed, and then you'll either embrace it like a lover or run away screaming.

Obviously, bearing that in mind, I have several ideas for new filks running round in my head to try to submit to the Liberator songbook. Several of us were agreed we definitely need a bloggers' song....

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Saturday, September 26th, 2009 12:09 pm
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Today is a day in which I am being plagued by frustrations.
  • I have lots and lots of things which need to be done, but none of them can be started until I have done other things, and the other things need yet OTHER things doing before I can start them, and it's all just a great big vicious circle of paralysingness

  • Byron is being very clingy, and panting lots even though he's not warm. This is a sign of poorly, but he can't tell me what's wrong

  • The usual financial frustrations are surfacing with a vengeance today. It's little things, like we could do with a new big pan for making stock in, and I have to carefully budget and weigh everything up before I can spend less than a tenner on a frigging pan. It's exhausting.

  • Some of the stuff that happened in Bournemouth has had some weird emotional fallout, and there's one person in particular I need to talk to about it*, and I bet you a tenner I won't see him till Birmingham, and I just want to get it sorted out.

  • I want a new tattoo. This is on top of the three I have had planned forever but never seem to be in a position to afford.

  • My stupid foot is still bugging me. I can't just take the dogs out of the house and run through the park or climb a tree and pretend that none of this matters
All of these things on their own are minor irritations. Together, they are making me want to curl up under the duvet and shout at the world to F off. Shame, then, that I have to go to work soon and work till midnight...

* no, not YOU, Mr Duracell Bunny. You weren't a frustration at all. Quite the opposite, in fact. ;)

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