Monday, October 12th, 2009

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I've noticed a couple of bloggers (not just you, Mark, lest you think I am picking on you, but you are the only one worthy of linkage ;)) tonight moaning about how some woman was refused service in a supermarket because there was a suspicion she might be supplying some alcohol to a person under 18. A lot of the commentary on this seemed to be aimed at the supermarkets, and there were threats of violence against the checkout operator from a number of quarters. What the blue buggery fuck do people think shoving the bottle of wine up the operator's arse would achieve?

Yes, the law is illiberal, ill-thought-out, and stupid. But taking it out on some poor bugger who is being paid minimum wage, is terrified that (s)he is going to get fined £5000 and lose his/her job, and probably thinks you are one of the many mystery shoppers (s)he knows are circulating to make sure (s)he is doing everything correctly and parroting all the stupid lines (s)he has been given by management? How the monkey buttocks do you think that is going to help? If anything, it will be utterly counterproductive, because it will confirm in the minds of legislators that anyone (apart from themselves, obviously) who ever drinks alcohol (or consumes any other age-restricted product - fags, knives, whatever) is dangerous and needs to be controlled.

If you get IDed for an age-restricted product, it's a minor inconvenience to you. If you DON'T get IDed, and you turn out to be one of the stooges Mystery Shoppers who are purposefully selected by the rozzers because they are underage and don't look it, or to test if you are going to serve someone who looks like they are buying for an underage person (which MIGHT be legal in the home, but is increasingly illegal in many other areas, and the police drum this into the stores) then the person serving you loses their job, a vast wad of cash, and the likelihood of future employment as well - because what shop/bar is going to employ someone who serves underage people? For fuck's sake show some perspective and stop flaunting your privilege, people. Because frankly, the sight of Entitlement Queen white boys going on about how disgusting it is that the peon behind the till doesn't know her place and isn't bowing and scraping to their every desire is more than a little nauseating.

If you want to change the law, aim your ire at the bloody government, who can do something about it, not the checkout girl who can't.

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So here I am at half past three in the morning, working out how to do polls on my blog from my mobile phone. Severe back pain meant I wasn't going to get much sleep anyway tonight, but Mat's nasal orchestra certainly isn't helping. Well, apart from that it inspired the following poll:

Poll #1450 Insomnia
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Should I make a recording of the various snores, blarts and whiffles Mat makes in his sleep?

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That would be mean and nasty! No!
3 (12.0%)

That would be mean and nasty! Of course you should do it!
17 (68.0%)

Why in Cthulhu's name would you want to put us all through that?!
6 (24.0%)

Insomniac ticky box
15 (60.0%)

Oh Cock

Monday, October 12th, 2009 04:00 pm
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I see Cleggy has been asked to pay something back, and Cameron has only been asked for further information. So much for trying to differentiate ourselves from the others in the eyes of the public... And yes, before everyone leaps down my throat, I know the details, and I know that we weren't as bad. But Our Glorious Leader being asked to pay back expenses for gardening? If that doesn't feed into the they're all the same, all in it for themselves, all claiming for stuff normal people have to pay for out of their own pockets narrative, then I don't know what will.

For Cthulhu's sake, Cleggy, if you want your garden done, I'm your girl! You don't have to pay £900 to some spod!

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I don't think I have ever officially come out as bi. There ought to be some sort of ceremony or something, with respect to David's eloquent opinions. Instead it's just been casually dropped into enough conversations that word got around and now everyone knows. To be honest, I feel like kind of a fraud even typing this. I'm cisgendered, I'm in a very happy and committed (albeit open) heterosexual relationship, both of which facts allow me to pass for normal to anyone who doesn't want to scratch below the surface (and most people don't). Therefore I have never faced the kind of bald prejudice that a lot of my gay, or bi-but-in-same-sex-relationship, or trans friends have. I am comfortable in my sexuality, and most people who I spend time with (including customers in the pub, to my somewhat-surprise) don't seem bothered at all; or at least, if they are, they don't show it in front of me.

If only everyone had it as easy as I have.

I'll continue to try to do my bit to make sure that one day, everyone will.

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Those of you who have been following my adventures in parenthood will know that one of the things [personal profile] amazing_holly likes best is stars. She loved George's Secret Key to the Universe, and she has a bunch of books about stars from Zoo in the Sky to Cosmos, and she likes to sleep with her blind open so that she can look out at them at night.

Her lullaby, therefore, for many years now, has been Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Tonight, however, she decided she wanted something different, and she asked for something funny. I thought for a few minutes, and then I came up with this:

She loved it. I think it'll be a little while before I let her see the video, though.

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