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Monday, March 22nd, 2010 09:20 am
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OK, I finally succumbed. My phone has a podcast subscribing app, and because my sleep patterns are all to cock at the moment I'm missing a lot of my favourite radio4ness, so I am subscribing to podcasts. Are there any that you guys would recommend?

I already have: everything I want from BBC radio, House of Comments, Pod Delusion and Droppin' Science. What else is essential? Am particularly interested in feministy stuff and sci-fi, preferably UK-based.

ETA: oh yes, and I want PROPER urls, NOT bloody iTunes. I know most of you will realise that already, but just in case... ;)

My March sponsor is Mark Reckons, one of the fellas behind House of Comments.
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Fresh Squeezings From the Veins of the Internet

And today's meme is via my sponsor: Which celebrity do you really REALLY hate and why? No politicians, and nobody it is rational to hate, e.g. Fred West.

Well, that leaves out my top two: Ann Widdecombe is a politician, and it's completely rational to detest Johnny Vegas since he thinks that sexually assaulting people is funny. And actually, most of the others are political in nature. And Mark has already had Patrick Keilty. I guess that leaves me with Joe Pasquale.

I mean look at him:

He sounds like he's been sucking on a helium balloon, and he looks like he needcs a damn good slapping. He's about as funny as a dose of the clap, and has a similar amount of charm. Who would voluntarily sit through one of his TV shows? Who? Only people with the same level of taste and discernment as an educationally subnormal sea cucumber.


I hate him. But I admit it's not rational.

My March sponsor is Mark Reckons, whose blog revamp will be done very soon indeed, for those who care...

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