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2010-12-09 12:47 pm
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Yes, I'm harping on about my surgery again

I think I did too much on Monday going to the doctor's AND to work to drop off my sick note because I was completely wiped out yesterday. I got out of bed for maybe 2 hours in the evening. The whole "don't lift anything heavier than a cup of tea for at least three weeks" thing is getting very old. Things heavier than a cup of tea which I normally lift without thinking include:
  • Roxy
  • Holly
  • plates of food, pots and pans
  • pints of beer
Thankfully, [personal profile] magister has stuck around to be nursemaid, which is lovely. It takes a lot of the pressure off [personal profile] matgb, and means that I don't have to plan everything (even going to the toilet) like a military manoeuvre. And Holly thinks it's fab because she adores him. And we have done lots of podcast bits; expect episode 2 today at some point.

Doggies are being great; Roxy has only jumped on me once, and Byron is being SO gentle with me.... Mind you, he knows what surgery is like.

Anyway, an important question has arisen which I think you should all answer:
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Cherry pie and cream is a perfectly healthy breakfast.

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20 (74.1%)

Of course it is
19 (70.4%)

It's got fruit in and everything
25 (92.6%)

Ticky box!
21 (77.8%)

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