Monday, April 2nd, 2012

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Under the last Labour government, there were plans to force ISPs to store information which could be accessed by the government on a whim. These plans were quietly shelved after howls of outrage from all right-thinking people.

Apparently, this government, prey to the same pressures from power-hungry securocrats, are considering putting a very similar bill into the Queen's speech this year. And since the news came out there have been very similar (and totally justified) howls of outrage from some of my favourite people. The thing is...

The Lib Dems are in government now. Even as a junior coalition partner, if we can't stop this in its tracks, if we can't prevent this red line from being crossed, then what's the bloody point? In economic terms, we Lib Dems run the gamut from practically communist to totally individualist Libertarian, but the thing that unites us is our love for freedom. If we capitulate on the basic freedoms like not being snooped by the government then we really are utterly pointless, as so many in the media and the other parties really want us to be.

And yet, this news has been leaked by un-named sources... There's a part of me that wonders if those un-named sources aren't some very useful Lib Dems trying to scupper this before it even gets on to the starting blocks. If that's the case, I say keep up the good work ma'am (or sir).
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I just got an email purporting to be from Lynne Featherstone, which said (and I paraphrase slightly)
Calm down dear, it's only a tiny extension of the RIPA powers and it;s not going to be on a centralised database, so honestly, there's nothing to worry about
The centralised database is NOT the problem, "Lynne", the problem is that powers that should never have been enacted in the first place are being extended, and it doesn;' matter how small an extension it is, because they are being extended in my name, and I'm NOT GOING TO FUCKING STAND FOR IT.

I know the mandarins have told you that they only want the headers, so to speak, and not the content, but with packet data (i.e. most of what the internet runs on) it's not possible to extract the headers without having access to the content too. The internet was specifically designed to make it hard to intercept stuff. You can't get arround that with platutudes from whitehall mandarins.

And even if that WAS possible, it still doesn't mean that extending the powers that were enacted under RIPA, which were bad and wrong and illiberal, will ever be anything other than bad and wrong and illiberal.

Stop trying to soothe angry bloggers with emails full of bullshit you've been fed by whitehall mandarins and listen to people who know what they are talking about. Stop panicking that the grass roots are making a fuss when you've gone native, and wonder if we might have a sodding point, you useless, spineless, quisling IDIOTS. Your job is to question this shit, not just wave it through and then try and mansplain (and whatever the gender of the person who typed that email, it was a classic example of mansplainin') to people who are justifiably angry about your conduct.

A Distraction

Monday, April 2nd, 2012 07:54 pm
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Although I normally detest April Fools, I couldn't help but enjoy this one, which appeared to be from the BBC website yesterday:

(screengrab from the Huffington Post)

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