Friday, December 28th, 2012

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Solo Blog: Peter Black, a Lib Dem Welsh assembly member. Peter is a great Lib Dem news aggregator, with a slant towards Wales and away from the Westminster Bubble, which can only be a good thing IMHO.

Group Blog: Classic Who Facts, all of which are totally true and not made up at all.

Twitterer: @historyweird - hilarious historical facts/news stories.

Podcast: Clarkesworld - science fiction, fantasy and horror stories three times a month. The host has a voice that doesn't grate on my ears, and the diverse mix of authors they feature is fantastic, lots of women and PoC.

Pinterest Board: Doctor Who - Daleks by Kat Ann. I want a Christmas Tree Dalek so bad now.
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So my new phone will be arriving soon, and I will be wanting to do lots of playing with it. The thing is, I'm a little bit late to the Android party, and the ecosystem of Apps is HUGE. So what I want is for you to recommend me an app. Not loads of apps. Just one per comment, the one app you use every day and couldn't cope without. And then tell me why you think it is essential.

Also if you have any tips for powersaving or other such useful hints, they will be gratefully recieved.

Phone is a Samsung Galaxy Note II with a small call allowance but HUGE data allowance, for those of you who were wondering ;)

Things I want to use my phone for:

- listening to podcasts
- social networking
- phoning and texting, obviously

Things I do not want to use my phone for:

- stocks and bloody shares and other forms of gambling.

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