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Least Favourite Companion is hard for me. There's none that I really really hate for their entire run. The three that are in the running for this I don't dislike as characters per se, but for the effect they had on the show. The one who springs to mind first is Jo Grant. I like the actress that plays her, and there's nothing particularly wrong with the character as a person... It's just that she was specifically designed to be a dumb blonde because Liz Shaw was too brainy.

The second is Mel. Mel should have been someone I liked - and in a lot of the audio plays she is - but her fatphobia and screaming are played up and her brains and problem-solving abilities are played down far too much in the TV episodes she appears in for me to not want to smack her.

And the third?

The third, inevitably, is Rose.

I loved Rose with Nine. She was a great comeback to the idea that shop workers are all stupid - and given that I was a checkout girl at the time this was something I appreciated very much. Sure she didn't have many qualifications, but she was a streetsmart and brave young woman, and didn't let Nine give her any crap. And then suddenly, when Nine turned into Ten she turned into a lovesick teenager, and regressed horribly. And then Ten kept mooning over her to the point where he treated Martha like absolute rubbish. And then she kept coming back. And back. And back.

My problems with Rose don't stem so much from her as a character, but from the fact that she was Rusty's Mary Sue. He's been quite open about the fact that he grew up wanting to be the Doctor's companion. I see that as a poverty of ambition. I didn't grow up wanting to be the Doctor's companion, I grew up wanting to be the Doctor. And I suspect most of us who felt like outsiders who grew up watching the show feel similarly. If you feel like society doesn't understand you but you want to help anyway, if you're brainy and unconventional, then The Doctor is the obvious identification character.

But anyway, Rose kept coming back because she was Rusty's identification character and he was running the show. Rose got that vomit-inducing and overlong goodbye and her own Doctor-shaped Sex Toy* because she was Rusty's identification character. And if she comes back for the 50th anniversary I shall be very cross indeed. Yes, Rose is a special person, but ALL of the Doctor's companions are special. Hell, he's married one of them, and another one is his Granddaughter. Rose is just as important as the others, but not more so, and it annoys me when people talk as though she's his OTP.

* and what's the deal with that anyway? "Here, you can't have me, but you CAN have someone who looks like me but has all the things you love about me removed" - what sort of a deal is THAT? It'd just remind her every day of what she was missing...

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