Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

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I wasn't going to blog about the whole leadership thing, because what good would it do? I am desperately, desperately sad that the party's response to our disastrous showing in the recent elections has been to turn inwards and fight each other, but it's not like I can't recognise the symptoms of self-harm, and I realise that trying to tell a self-harmer to stop doesn't make a lick of difference if you can't do something to stop the pain that self-harm is a response to.

So why did I decide to blog about it after all? Because Matthew Oakeshott has fallen on his sword, and the mainstream media* have leapt to the conclusion that the leadership crisis is now over.

There's a few inconvenient facts that fly in the face of that conclusion:
  1. Oakeshott going does not stop the various local parties who have already scheduled EGMs under 10.2(f) from having those meetings. I am aware of nine, so far**. That's nine local parties who have actually scheduled EGMs. I have heard rumours of many, many more who might be doing so. This is way more serious than some bloke who nobody took seriously anyway wasting money on some polling.

  2. LDs4Change may have views coincidental with Oakeshott's - and they may have gone about things in a similarly half-arsed, stupid, and unconstitutional way to the methods he uses - but that does not mean that they are, or were, run by him; or that because he is gone, they are gone. As Nick Barlow said on twitter: LDs do not need an agent provocateur to be angry with the leadership***.

  3. Oakeshott going does not solve the quite legitimate concerns that many have about Clegg's leadership. If anything, it makes Clegg feel vindicated, makes him dig his heels in, and thus makes change from his various problematic positions less likely.

If the party is to survive this without being seriously damaged, this boil needs lancing, and it needs lancing NOW before things get even more pus-filled and manky. And I can only see one way for that to happen. Clegg needs to call a leadership election himself, and then stand in it. Do the John Major option. Tell the party to back him or sack him. If the recent poll for Lib Dem Voice is accurate then the party will back him and all this will go away. If the poll's not accurate then all this, and Clegg, will go away.

Either way, we cannot afford to let this fester for much longer. The poison is seeping into all sorts of places, and I, for one, do not wish to see people I love tearing each other apart any longer.

* and several of Clegg's more ardent supporters...
** although only Cambridge have announced it publicly.
*** and lets face it, even those who agree with Oakeshott think he's a prize arse who nobody listens to, and who is the kiss of death for any campaign he gets involved in.

On Not-Smoking

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014 07:03 pm
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So I'm still at the point where I'm counting hours, rather than days*. I don't want to jinx it, but so far it has been easier than I expected. It turns out that all I needed was someone to offer me a bet that I really didn't want to lose**. But there are a few weak points. I have a list of things I am currently finding it difficult to deal with:
  1. Work. Once an hour, at work, I used to get to walk away from my desk and let all the stress melt away. I haven't been able to do that today. I need some substitute, or I will go postal.

  2. On trains/buses. On every journey I take regularly, I know exactly when the optimum moment is to get out my fag tin and start rolling so I have a cigarette ready for disembarking. This is a very ingrained habit.

  3. While Cooking. Nipping over to the back door for a fag while something warms through is also an ingrained habit.

  4. To get away from an argument. If I get into a row with someone there will come a point when I want to walk away, and I would normally do this by announcing I was going for a fag. This is no longer an option.
I suppose I am lucky in that the After Sex Fag is not that heavily ingrained in me***. If I want to have a fag after sex I have to put my clothes back on and leave the room - or sometimes the building - and mostly I'd rather just cuddle. But the situations on the list above are not really situations I can avoid. So suggestions for coping mechanisms will be gratefully received.

For various reasons****, taking up biting my nails again as a substitute is not an option.

* 67.5
** You're not getting ALL the details, but suffice it to say there's a bottle of gin and Yorkshire Pride riding on this.
*** because of having non-smoker partners.
**** not least of which is that Pauline would kill me -_-"

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