Monday, February 15th, 2016

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... Happy Anniversary xxx
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I got home from work planning to put away my clean laundry and wash some dirty laundry and be all ibble-word. What have I actually done?

- played Scalextric (and broke the wing mirror off of one of the cars. Oops.)
- got myself a glass of wine
- ordered £90 worth of Doctor Who Tat for £25 in the BBC Shop 2 items for £5 crazy sale
- snuggled doggies

Now you COULD say I'm living the dream, but the laundry isn't going to sort itself... :/
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... is the Sighthound community on instagram.

Greyhounds, lurchers, whippets, Italian greyhounds etc. All the Sighthounds.

All the Sighthounds supporting all the other Sighthounds in their little peculiarities of really thin skin that gets cuts dead easily, and wanting to run REALLY FAST then sleep immediately after all the time, and sleeping in really stupid positions, and all the other little idiosyncracies of the Sighthound.

Sighthounds are ace, really.

I loves my doggies.

Disclaimer: there may have been wine consumed this evening. You're lucky I'm being soppy about the dogs and not any actual humans.

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