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The lovely [personal profile] ruthct21 commented on a post of mine yesterday (more in sorrow than in anger, I think) that she was going to have to avoid reading my stuff if I wasn't more careful about spoilers for Doctor Who, as she's somewhere in South America and hasn't seen the new episode yet. This came as something of a surprise to me, because I thought I had been pretty careful about spoilers when posting about Doctor Who... But then it occurred to me that Ruth and I might have very different definitions of what constitutes a spoiler. SO:

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What counts as Spoilers?

An episode of X show was on
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An episode of X show was on and I liked/disliked it
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An episode of X show was on and A, B, and C characters appeared in it
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An episode of X show was on and it resolved a cliffhanger from a previous episode (without saying HOW it resolved the cliffhanger)
5 (10.6%)

An episode of X show was on and it resolved a cliffhanger from a previous episode in the following way
45 (95.7%)

An episode of X show was on and it contained the following general types of plot device
19 (40.4%)

An episode of X show was on and it had these specific plot points in it
43 (91.5%)

An episode of X show was on and this is EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED IN IT
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An episode of X show was on and it didn't involve enough ticky boxes and that makes me sad.
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This is your spoiler warning.

under the cut there may be spoilers )
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If I've subscribed to you but not given you access, don't worry. The vast vast majority of my posts are public, and f-locked posts tend to be very rare and only for people I know in real life. If I've subscribed to you, that is a pretty strong mark of my interest ;)
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This is to do with rumoured casting for the next Doctor, and although I don't think it is a spoiler (because I think the rumours are bollocks) I will be applying spoiler cuts to the actor's name just in case. You probably don't want to hover over any of the links to news reports either, mind, because the actor is named in some of the URLs.

If, as is rumoured in all the dead tree papers (although they all seem to be using the Daily Mirror as their source, so I'm not taking the volume of reports as indicative) An Actor ) turns out to be the next incarnation of The Doctor, I will eat Paddy Ashdown's hat.

That the bookies have stopped taking bets on That Actor ) is no indication. The bookies have also, in the past, stopped taking bets on:
  • Bill Nighy
  • Paterson Joseph
  • David Morrissey
  • Rory Kinnear
You will notice that the one unifying fact about those four is that they've never been an official incarnation of the Doctor.

The whole source of this rumour is the fact that within a week of Capaldi announcing he was leaving Who, That Actor ) announced that he was leaving his previous show ) and somebody at the Mirror put two and two together and made an exclusive. Nobody even noticed for weeks, apart from the Beeb, who denied anyone having been cast, until the new series came around and suddenly the Mirror becomes a credible and reliable source for all the media feeding frenzy in the world.

So yeah, I reiterate, if That Actor ) turns out to be the next Doctor, I'll eat Paddy Ashdown's hat. Assuming I can wrest it away from him, anyway.

Personally, I'm hoping for a lady Doctor, if only so that, as one of the Verities said, we can stop having the Will there ever be a woman Doctor?!?! discussion every sodding time somebody announces they are leaving. Tamsin Grieg would be nice. Or Meera Syal. Or Natalie Dormer. Or Sophie Okenedo. Or Patricia Hodge. Or, following the semi-tradition of Doctors having appeared in the show in different parts before, Jaye Griffiths *hopeful face*?

Although part of me is still, after nearly ten years, clinging to the hope of Kulvinder Ghir...

ETA: for anyone in any doubt, my views on this align exactly with Jack Graham's (don't click the link if you're a spoilerphobe)

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